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Speed Syndicate was founded by Chris and Corinne Vallee in 2010 with the goal to offer superior service to the performance car and race car community.


Located in Tampa Bay, Fl, Speed Syndicate is conveniently just a stones throw away from iconic race tracks such as Sebring International Raceway and Daytona International Speedway, FIRM, Homestead, and Palm Beach International Raceway. With over 20 years in the professional racing industry, Chris Vallee has had his hands on just about every kind of race car from open wheel formula cars, Porsche GT race cars, to potent prototype cars. 

For those who are new to the history of Speed Syndicate, it all began with Chris Vallee's love of "making cars go fast". He fist build and set up his high school friend's Nissan Sentra SE-R back in 1996 in order to enter the car to race in local events. From there, his passion for racing was sparked and he eventually began his journey into the racing industry in 2004 for Dave White Racing. During his time there as the crew chief, he was tasked with building and maintaining Porsche race cars for several professional races as well as countless club races. 

This experience helped to fuel Chris’s passion for endurance car racing, which brought him to a new professional racing program with Andersen Promotions. He worked as their head crew chief and fabricator in their Star Mazda Series, which then became known as the Pro Mazda Championship. This series helped to bridge the gap between USF2000 and the FireStone Indy Lights class with all formula cars running Mazda’s 260-hp Renesis rotary engine. Chris spent 4 years with Andersen and learned the ins and outs of professional endurance formula car racing.

These experiences led him to become the crew chief for other racing teams such as Core Autosport in 2010, working on the IMSA Prototype Lights cars. He then learned the art of fabricating metal and composite materials over at Alex Job Racing where he also gained extensive experience in many different Porsche race cars. 

This then brings us to 2015, when Chris began his journey with GMG Racing as their crew chief and engineer. With GMG, Chris was tasked with supporting all of the systems on their Porsche GT3R race cars in SCCA club racing as well as the Pirelli World Challenge Series. All of this was done while also running Speed Syndicate with Corinne Vallee managing the day to day logistics and administrative duties. 

As we come to the 2017 season, Chris and Corinne develop a race program of their own, run in their own shop for Volt Racing by Speed Syndicate. Chris held the position as the team manager/lead engineer/lead strategist with a Ford Mustang GT4 and a McLaren GT4 which was entered in the within the Grand Sport class in the  IMSA Michelin Pilot Challenge series. Speed Syndicate was responsible for running all aspects of the race program.


This continued on to the 2019 and 2020 race seasons, but with a different team. Speed Syndicate was approached by FastMD Racing to run their 2-car program consisting of a pair of Audi RS3 LMS cars in the Touring Car Racing (TCR) class in the IMSA Michelin Pilot Challenge. This partnership ended in 2021 with 4 podiums and 1 win. From then til now, Speed Syndicate has been focused on supporting track day and autocross customers in club races and miscellaneous track events, and providing their extensive racing knowledge to customers who want to take their performance cars to the next level.

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